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PENC serves as an affordable and viable alternative to other professional organizations in North Carolina. And, PENC remains nonpartisan, independent and state-based, with member dues remaining in North Carolina as we work to promote quality education reform.

We Are...

Focused on Education: Our mission is to promote education reform for the benefit of all North Carolina children while ensuring the recruitment, development and retention of qualified educators.

Independent: While we are a member of a nationwide coalition of independent associations, our focus is on education issues having an impact in North Carolina.

State-Based: Member dues remain in North Carolina and are used to support member services and education initiatives.

Nonpartisan: While we neither endorse nor contribute to political campaigns, we work with all education policymakers to ensure quality education reform.

Affordable: We believe educators should enjoy the best services and benefits at a reasonable cost. We continually strive to make protection and involvement accessible to all educators.

PENC Vision Statement

Professional Educators of North Carolina is a professional organization that serves as THE voice for educators in policy-making, the forum for developing professional relationships and the advocate for improving the learning environment for every educator and student.

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Professional Educators of North Carolina
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