Employment Support & Insurance

PENC Employment Support

As a member, you are always welcome to call our office to request information on your professional rights and responsibilities. Any question regarding education law or your rights as a North Carolina educator (this includes administrators) will be answered in a timely manner. 

Member Representation

You will have a PENC representative by your side if you are asked to attend a meeting with a supervisor or colleague where your rights may be jeopardized.

One Million Dollar Liability Insurance

If you are named in a lawsuit as a result of your employment as an educator, you may be covered by our policy, regardless of whether you win or lose.

Attorney Consultations, Employment Support

Your professional liability insurance policy with PENC provides up to $10,000 for consultations with an education law attorney. This part of our policy applies when you have not been sued, but still need the advice of an attorney for other issues concerning your employment. You pay NOTHING out of pocket! Our insurance provider handles all fees through PENC.