Office Staff


Carol Vandenbergh - Executive Director
919-788-9299 or 800-542-8844;
Carol began her professional life as a high school math teacher.  After teaching for four years, she decided to further challenge herself by going to law school.  Campbell Law School prepared her for a purposeful life of leadership and service.  As PENC's Executive Director, Carol serves as the liaison between you, the member, and PENC's lobbyist, Evelyn Hawthorne.  She also represents PENC at the State Board of Education and on various education-related committees.

Bill Medlin - Associate Executive Director
919-788-9299 or 800-542-8844; 

Bill is a retired Health/Physical Education instructor and Athletic Administrator.  His 29 years of service to the teaching profession prove to be an asset to PENC. He is here to help with any membership related questions you may have. In addition to his day-to-day duties he also serves on the Recruiting Committee of the PENC Executive Board.

 Annette Thomas - Office Manager

919-788-9299 or 800-542-8844; 

Annette handles PENC's membership registration and renewals as well as coordinating our member discounts.  Please contact Annette if you have questions about your membership status, membership payments or payroll deductions.  Annette will also be happy to help you if you would like discount tickets to attractions.

Alex Cozort - Director of Communications

919-788-9299 or 800-542-8844;

Alex handles PENC member correspondence, publications, website design and marketing. She is also here to help with membership, scholarships and grants, or workshop related questions.



Karen Norris - Field Representative