December 4, 2017 e-News


In This Issue...

  1. The Voice Fall/Winter 2017
  2. Upcoming Workshops
  3. Scholarship and Grant Opportunities
  4. Legislative Update
  5. Visit the Biltmore Estate This Holiday Season
  6. Added Member Benefits from AMBA
  7. Get Involved!

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The Voice Fall/Winter 2017 

The Fall/Winter 2017 edition of The Voice is here! Click the image below to read this issue in full to learn about opportunities for school visits from AMBA, the importance of building relationships, see our Young Artists Competition winners and learn more about scholarship and grant opportunities from PENC.

Upcoming Workshops

National Board WOrkshops are FREE for all educators and offer training for both initial and renewal candidates. Please see below for our upcoming workshop opportunities. Click the date below to register or visit for details and to see additional workshop opportunities.

December 9, 2017 - Crain's Creek Middle School, Moore County - Click HERE for details

Scholarships and Grant Opportunities

  • NCCAT Subs on Us Grants: PENC now offers grants to cover the cost of a substitute teacher for up to five school days while members attend a program at NCCAT.
  • New Teacher Grants: PENC awards up to sixteen $250 grants for members in their first three years of practice who demonstrate a need for instructional supplies that will have a direct impact on student learning.
  • School Leadership Scholarship: PENC offers one $1,000 scholarship to a PENC educator level member who is pursuing their Masters degree in School Administration.
  • Professional Development Scholarships: PENC offers four scholarships of up to $250 each to members who plan to pursue professional development opportunities.
  • National Board Scholarships: PENC offers two scholarships of $500 each to members who are pursuing their initial National Board Certification.
  • Scholarships for Children of PENC Members: PENC offers up to four scholarships of $500 to applicants who graduate from a high school or GED program, and are enrolled as a full-time college student by the fall semester of the calendar year in which they earn the scholarship.

We are now accepting applications for all of the above scholarships and grants offered by PENC! Applications and deadline information can be found on our website at

Legislative Update

Click HERE for an overview of recent North Carolina General Assembly activity of interest to stakeholders of public education in North Carolina. This will likely be our last u[date until the new year. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email to [email protected]

Visit the Biltmore Estate This Holiday Season

The Biltmore Estate, located in Asheville, NC, is an incredible place to visit year round, but especially when the holiday saeson is upon us. Click HERE for holiday ticket information and pricing. In addition to regular tours to see the holiday decor, Candelight Christmas Evenings are also offered at the Biltmore - click HERE for details.

Added Member Benefits from AMBA

PENC has partnered with AMBA to offer you the very best in member benefits. This year, AMBA has expanded their offerings, so be sure that you have created an account to take advantage of these benefits. Click HERE for details and instructions on how to register for an account if you have not yet done so. For more information and details on additional discounts and deals offered from AMBA and other PENC partners, click HERE.

Get Involved!

Each One Reach One

If EACH ONE of us strives to REACH ONE new member, we could double our membership in just one year – double the impact and double the strength of our voice!

In the coming year, we challenge you to recruit one new member in order to receive a discount ($27 for Educators, $14 for Support) on your membership. Click here to learn more about our new initiative. 

Partner Level Membership & Member Representatives

Become a Member Representative! Member Reps serve as a voice for PENC within their schools by distributing materials provided by PENC, sharing upcoming opportunities, and working towards earning a FREE membership as a Partner Level member by referring 3 members. For more information, please contact the office at 919-788-9299 or email Bill Medlin at [email protected]. An added bonus of agreeing to become your school's PENC Member Representative is that it can be included on Standard 1 of the Teacher Evaluation System/Teachers Demonstrate Leadership. (Teacher Effectiveness Manual pgs. 7-8)

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