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July 3, 2014 E-News


In This Issue...

  1. It's Time to Renew! 
  2. The Voice, Summer 2014
  3. Young Artist Comptetition - Approaching Dealine
  4. Creative Classroom Contest
  5. Learning Opportunities
  6. Retirement Information

It's Time to Renew!

The 2014-2015 membership year began July 1. For continued coverage please renew your membership today online, or send in your renewal form when you receive it in the mail.

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The Voice, Summer 2014

Please take a moment to look through our newest edition of The Voice, our quarterly newsletter.

Young Artists Competition - Approaching Deadline

We are now accepting submissions for PENC's 9th annual Young Artists Competition.The goal of this project is to highlight the hard work of North Carolina’s teachers and their students. Six works of art will be selected as the winning entries by a PENC panel of judges during the summer. The pieces will be duplicated for display in our Raleigh office, on the PENC website and may be used in future publications.

The deadline for submissions for the 2014 Young Artists Competition is July 18. Please visit our Young Artists Competition page for guidelines. 

Creative Classroom Contest


Creative and stimulating projects can go a long way in helping students understand material. Our State invites you to submit a classroom project idea to be completed by May 31, 2015 (during the 2014-2015 school year). One project will be selected by the judges to receive up to $500 to bring the project to life. Click here to find more information about rules and submissions.

Learning Opportunities

High School STEM Educators: Apply for Free Workshops from SAS to Teach Computer Science Skills

SAS is partnering with teachers to solve the critical talent shortage in STEM skills, particularly math, computer science, and computer engineering. SAS is providing high school teachers with training and materials to teach SAS to students – for free - by offering three or five day workshops over the summer for teachers to qualify them to teach a full course in SAS programming, a highly sought-after skill that students can apply in college courses and in many careers. One workshop is directly geared toward AP Statistics instructors. Visit the SAS website to learn more about the two workshops and to register!

Free SAS e-Courses available

For anyone wishing to learn STEM skills that are in high demand in today’s economy, two beginner SAS e-Courses, Programming 1 and Statistics 1, are now being offered to the world for free. This coincides with the free release of SAS University Edition, and it complements a number of video tutorials that are already free. Taken together, these free releases can provide skills that lead to success in a vast number of varied careers.

EC Highlights Free Training Opportunities for NC Deaf-Blind Project

The NC Deaf-Blind Project is sponsoring a number of free workshops, webinars and institutes during the summer through early fall. These training opportunities are open to parents and families, teachers and other educational professionals. To learn more about these events, visit

Latest Information for EC Conference on the Web

If you've been waiting for more details about the Exceptional Children Conference in November be sure to check out the updated information at We've added information for exhibitors and more. Conference registration and hotel reservations will be available in mid-August.

Retirement Information

Are You Over 65 and Not Yet Retired?

The State Health Plan will be hosting meetings for members turning 65 in the next year to educate them on how to maximize their health plan options at retirement. Information regarding these meetings has now been placed on the SHP website. Please RSVP on the SHP website to attend.

NC 403(b) Program

The NC 403(b) Program is a new low-cost, centrally-administered retirement option for many public school employees. Participating school districts may offer the NC 403(b) Program alongside their current 403(b) offerings, or offer it as a sole option.

The NC Department of State Treasurer administers the NC 403(b) Program, and will support the Program sponsor -- each school district. The record keeper is TIAA-CREF.
As mentioned on the NC Total Retirement Plans web page, the features of the NC 401(k) and NC 457 Plans are similar, but also have distinct differences. The following information to help you make an informed decision:
Within the 403(b) program, participants have access to several different options. Whether you seek the low fee structure of index funds or want to build an actively-managed portfolio, there are funds available to help you meet your goal. The program also offers target date funds for those investors who would rather “set it and forget it;” these target date funds will be rebalanced for market moves and as the member nears retirement. 
All mutual funds within the program are offered as institutional share classes, which means members will reap the benefit of professional management at a highly-competitive fee.
For additional information, please refer to the NC 403(b) Program Contact Sheet  and contact the representative for your county.​​​
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