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  1. Update on Academic Standards Review and Revisions
  2. The Voice Spring/Summer 2016 Edition
  3. PENC Scholarship and Grants - Deadlines Approaching!
  4. Summer Learning Fun
  5. Summer Discounts and Deals from PENC Partners
  6. FREE Anti-Bullying e-Courses for Educators and Parents

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The Voice Spring/Summer 2016 Edition

Explore the Spring/Summer 2016 edition of The Voice to learn more about the benefits of game based learning and assessments, new offerings from PENC, scholarship and grant winners and more! 

PENC Scholarships and Grants - Deadlines Approaching!

National Board Scholarship - June 17, 2016 Deadline

PENC is offering four scholarships of $250 each to members who are currently working on their first two components in pursuit of their initial National Board Certification. Recipients will be notified at the end of June and these scholarships will be awarded upon receipt of proof of completion of two components. The purpose of these scholarships is to help defer the cost as members seek to achieve National Board Certification. 

New Teacher Grants - July 29, 2016 Deadline

New Teacher Grants are available to members in their first three years of practice who demonstrate a need for instructional supplies. PENC will award sixteen $250 grants (split between the summer and winter deadlines). PENC encourages applicants to propose innovative ways to utilize instructional materials that actively engage students. Teachers from all areas of practice are encouraged to apply.

For more information and to access applications, please visit www.pencweb.org/scholarships-and-grants.

Summer Learning Fun

The clock ticks, students count down, and the doors to the school fly open.  Kids run out into the sunshine to begin one of the greatest childhood rites of passage.  Summer!

Swimming, summer camps, cookouts, and vacation are all on the docket.  Fun is in.  Learning is out.

But what about all the hard work these kids put in all year long?  Will it all be lost in the warm glow of the sun and reflection of the water?  Yes.  All the skills taught will go to the wayside.  We joke of course.

Our kids will not fall completely off the bandwagon of knowledge.  Summer, however, brings up a great opportunity for expanded learning opportunities even if your kid tends to want to bury themselves in a device.

Here are just a few technology based ideas to engage learners of all ages during summer.

Explore a map.  If you are traveling this summer, fire up the app for Google Maps and have your student help map out your route.  Look at the geography of the land.  Talk about key locations and discuss the cultural aspects of where you are traveling.  A fun feature of Google Maps is the “Explore” button.  It brings up street level views of key places where you are traveling.  Want to toss in a little Math?  Place pushpins on the places traveled and then have your student measure distance using a map legend and scale.  If your learner is a bit younger, take a look at the unique animals that might live in the area.  A simple Google search can yield that information for you.

Become a weather expert.  You never know, you might just have the next Channel 4 Meteorologist in your house.  The Weather Channel and others have amazing applications across all types of devices that look at weather.   Have your child journal the temperature, rainfall, pollen counts, dew point, or even humidity (for those in the south).   Base what they journal by their age and understanding.  Have them discuss what patterns they are seeing or what they notice over time and why they think certain things are happening.  You can combine this with our first suggestion as well for a really cool lesson.  Once again, there is a Math lesson imbedded in this as well.  For example, you could graph and plot change in temperature and rainfall by day over the course of a month.

Start coding.  Coding is a skill that taps into a student’s creativity and teaches multiple skills that can carry across many subjects.  Plus its fun!  Many cities, libraries, school systems, and local entities offer summer programs or camps that teach the basics of coding. 

Start a summer business.  One great way to learn is run your own company.  Use common technology to help your kids fire up that lemonade stand, lawn mowing, or pet walking business.  Amazing skills and learning can take place in Word and Excel even when they do not realize they are learning.  For a math lesson, help make a spreadsheet to track sales and expenses and discuss basics of profit and loss.  To expand writing and typing skills, build a flyer in Word to be distributed to potential new clients, your neighbors.  Have an overachiever in your house?  Nothing wrong with them building a PowerPoint to demonstrate their business prowess!

No matter what you have planned for summer, there are fun and creative ways to have your students engage and learn throughout summer.  Technology is a great tool to do this but creativity always yields the best lessons.

Enjoy the summer and have fun learning!

Submitted by: Joseph Dulaney, Matific

Summer Discounts and Deals from PENC Partners

PENC has numerous partnerships with companies to provide our members with discounted tickets to attractions such as Carowinds, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Six Flags and more! We also have partnerships with rental car companies and hotels to offer discounts on travel and lodging. Click here to sign in and view a full list of offerings and discount instructions.






FREE Anti-Bullying eCourses for Educators and Parents

Since educators and parents are on the front lines of bullying prevention, we’ve partnered with 3C Institute to make the following research-based online courses to prevent bullying available for FREE through December 2016.

Go to 3C Marketplace and enter the code PENC16 at checkout. Then navigate to "My Marketplace" to activate your subscription. Continuing education credit is available for educators.

And while you're on the site, check out the library of free resources to promote social and emotional health in your school and at home

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