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Breakdown of the Governor's Proposed Budget

Governor Cooper released his proposed budget today. Below is a breakdown of his top items for education. Many of PENC's top Legislative Priorities have been addressed with Governor Cooper's proposed budget. Now we can only hope that the legislature budget fairs as well.

Teacher Compensation with salary scale adjustments

In an effort to bringing NC from 3rd in the Southeast to 1st for Teacher Compensation:

  • 18% salary increase: 10% in first year and 8% in second year of biennium

  • This would bring beginning teacher pay to base of $46,000 by 2024-2025 SY.

  • Minimize salary plateau for teachers with 15+ years giving increase in pay every third year.

  • Proposed Teacher Pay Salary Scale is the last page on this link.

Master's Pay

Restores Master's Pay for classroom teachers whose advanced degrees are in the subjects they teach.

Principal & Assistant Principal Compensation

They would see the similar percentage raises as teachers but with 10% and 6%. Assistant Principals are still tied to the teacher pay scale.

Teaching Fellows

Expand Teaching Fellows to allow for any State Board of Education approved Educator Preparation Program (EPP) to be eligible and allow for more certification areas.

Other points to note:

  • Fully fund the first 5 years of the Comprehensive Remedial Plan (CRP)

  • Retiree Cost of Living Adjustment of 2%

  • 5% pay increase for all classified employees

  • More funding for Advanced Teaching Roles, Professional Development, Exceptional Children, ESL, BT Support Programs, Low-Performing Schools, and Copay for Reduced Lunches.


  • Ensuring a Sound Basic Education

  • Securing the State's Human Capital

  • Proposed Education Budget

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