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Legislative Update: July 8th, 2024

Budget Update

The Legislature still needs to reach a consensus regarding the 2024 Appropriations Act (Short Session Budget). As expected, they passed an adjournment resolution that scheduled upcoming events. The adjournment resolution specifies that the legislature can return to vote on a budget starting Tuesday, November 19th. Although votes on the budget can only happen in mid-November, budget chairs can conference to negotiate terms before November.

Voting Sessions Schedule 

The adjournment resolution specifies that the House and Senate can come back for voting sessions on:


·       Wednesday, July 10th

·       Monday, July 29th – Thursday, August 1st

·       Monday, September 9th – Wednesday, September 11th

·       Wednesday, October 9th

·       Tuesday, November 19th – Friday, November 22nd

·       Wednesday, December 11th – Friday, December 13th

Future Session Procedures 

During all but the November session, the Legislature can only take up the following:

·       Veto overrides

·       Legislative appointments/confirmations

·       Gubernatorial nominations

·       Litigation regarding legislation

·       Electing laws

·       Impeachment proceedings

·       Organizational matters

·       Adoption of conference reports

·       Changes to the adjournment resolution

In the meantime, we will begin preparations for 2025, and report back information to you as we receive it regarding 2024.

PENC Advocacy Team:

Tammy Beach

Bryan Holloway

Robert Mitchell

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