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Legislative Update: June 23, 2020

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The North Carolina General Assembly continued their work this week, and we have a couple of updates on the bills that were discussed last week. The updates are as follows:

The bill that addressed compensation for teachers and suggested raises for support personnel and non-certified personnel passed in both chambers with some dissent from the Democrats. Democrats dissented due to what they perceived as an insufficient amount. As a reminder, the bill gives $350.00 to teachers and suggests the governor use his COVID relief money to appropriate an additional $600.00 to teachers, support staff, and non-certified personnel. PENC knows legislators are behaving cautiously with funds due to COVID, but we remain disappointed with this bonus and we continue to remind legislators we deserve more.

The bond bill we reported on last week was updated with a new version to show how much each school district will receive if the bond bill passes. The bill remains in the legislature and we will report on any progress.

Stay tuned…..

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