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  • Aidan McInnis

PENC Video

We need you! We are working on updating our PENC video and we want your help! It's simple, we need a handful of members to be a part of our new video. What can you do to help? Submit a video of yourself answering the following questions:

  • What Does PENC mean to you?

  • Why Should Others Join PENC?

  • Why Join PENC Over Other Organizations?

  • How Has PENC Helped You?

  • How Long Have You Been A Member, along with what your title is?

  • We also would like to have 5 volunteers read the PENC values.

Do not worry about video length or editing, we are not expecting anyone to be movie directors. Simply email if you are interested and/or respond with a video of yourself.

Anyone who submits a video will be entered into a drawing for an amazon gift card!

The deadline for video submissions will be June 12th.

Use this link to view our previous video for reference. Once again thank you for being a part of the PENC family.

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