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Sign Up Today for 23-24 Payroll Deductions

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

We are encouraging members to use payroll deductions (PRD) for their membership dues. Using the PRD eliminates bank processing fees and the hassle when you get an updated credit card or the one on file expires.

With utilizing the PRD payment method instead of installments, members get full benefits from the moment they sign up (beginning July 1st) to June 30th. The enrollment for PRD is now open for the 23-24 school year and the deadline to enroll is September 4th, no exceptions! So you may sign up now for the next school year. Additionally, payroll deductions are reoccurring so you will automatically renew each year.

PRD payments are withdrawn by your district's payroll department for the months of October to May.

Membership Due Structure with PRD:

  • Educator Payments - 8 payments @ $24.75

  • First Year Teachers - 8 payments @ $11.25

  • Support Staff Payments - 8 payments @ $11.25

If you would like to switch your membership over to PRD or renew your membership, please use this link. You are required to sign this form so using a tablet or your phone is likely the best method to complete this enrollment form.

Please forward any questions or concerns to Annette Thomas at

If you have a current membership, you will be switched over by September 4th.

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