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Here is how we can best support you


As a member, you are always welcome to call our office to request information on your professional rights and responsibilities. Any question regarding education law or your rights as a North Carolina educator (this includes administrators) will be answered in a timely manner.


PENC has secured employment rights insurance to provide legal representation for you in all cases where you are called to a meeting where your employment rights are in jeopardy. Full details regarding this policy can be further shared upon request.


If you are named in a lawsuit as a result of your employment as an educator, you may be covered by our policy, regardless of whether you win or lose. See a summary of these benefits here


As a member of PENC, you are entitled to certain employment support benefits.  PENC staff members are available to answer your questions about your professional rights and responsibilities, and you are always welcome to call the PENC office with these types of inquiries.  In addition, PENC may make a referral to a local attorney who is available to provide employment support and counseling services to members on limited and discrete personnel matters concerning issues that impact their employment and which arise during that educator’s membership window. By their nature, these types of issues will be ones that can be resolved through one or two emails or a phone call.

In situations where the matter of concern goes beyond a limited and discrete issue, and employment rights are in jeopardy, PENC has procured employment rights insurance which provides up to $10,000 for representation by education law attorney. This part of PENC’s policy applies when you have not been sued, but still need the advice of an attorney when your employment rights are threatened. This type of coverage is set-up as reimbursement of attorney fees coverage, but the insurance company will pay the attorney directly for his/her representation of you up to certain amounts, depending on your case, so that you pay nothing out of pocket up front.

PENC has also procured liability insurance in the amount of $1 million; if you are named in a lawsuit as a result of your employment as an educator, you may be covered by this policy, regardless of whether you win or lose.

To take advantage of these benefits, it is important that you maintain membership in PENC without interruption, as issues which arise or continue during a time when an educator is not a member of PENC are not covered by insurance or member benefits.  Full terms and conditions of these policies are available in the plan documents and by calling PENC for further information. 

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