What is a PENC Member Representative?

A Member Representative is a North Carolina educator that has an active membership with PENC and is willing to be a liaison between the PENC organization and their respective school(s).

PENC Member Representatives are asked to forward current information generated by the PENC office that affects members and their colleagues. Information requested to be distributed may include topics related but not limited to legislation, State Board of Education updates, Board of Director updates, membership/recruitment, as well as special initiatives and professional development opportunities hosted or sponsored by PENC. Member Representatives are asked to distribute information via email and hard copy materials and to setup a time for a PENC representative to visit your school. This role requires very little time on your part and allows you to earn BONUS CASH throughout the year for your referrals.

The PENC Member Representatives add great value to the organization because they act as a first line for questions from colleagues and can provide helpful information and resources to members on the local level.  By having this reliable contact, PENC has the opportunity to ensure that the messages provided to members and prospective members are clear, concise, consistent and factual. PENC staff is available any time for you to ask questions or pass along any inquiries from colleagues.

Interested in becoming a PENC Member Representative?

We are always looking to add PENC Member Representatives to our team! For more information and to enroll as a new Member Representative, please contact Bill Medlin, Executive Director, at with your name, school and position.

*Please note: Your PENC membership must be current in order to become a Member Representative. 

PENC Member Representative Resources

If you are a current PENC Member Representative, we have compiled a number of useful resources in order for you to share PENC with your colleagues.  If you have any questions or need to request materials, please email Bill Medlin at

Share With Your Colleagues

Print this brochure to share with your colleagues and tell them all the great things PENC has to offer!