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Legislative Update 8.28.20

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The legislature will return next week to work on COVID-19 related issues per their adjournment resolution when they left town earlier this summer. There have been no official announcements of their plans, but one can speculate that it is to potentially spend the remainder of the COVID-19 relief money the federal government sent earlier in the year. A full report will be forthcoming next week to share the legislature’s activities.

Earlier this week, the governor made a spending proposal to the legislature which included bonuses for teachers and support staff. Again, this is a proposal to the legislature, which means they would have to take action to make this law. PENC has continued to remind both the legislature and the governor that educators and support staff were the only state workers that did not receive a raise. We will keep reminding them, and hopefully they will consider allocating raises before the year ends.

Stay tuned……

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