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June 22

Annual Meeting

1:00pm at Crowne Plaza in Asheville


with Peace of Mind

PENC is dedicated to its members and thrives on empowering all NC educators throughout their careers for the betterment of the profession.

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Consider being a

School Ambassador

or Serving on the PENC

Board of Directors

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PENC is...

  • Focused on North Carolina Education

  • State-Based

  • Independent

  • Nonpartisan

  • Affordable


The mission of PENC is to promote education reform for the benefit of all North Carolina children while ensuring the recruitment, development and retention of qualified educators.


Our vision is to promote and support confident and effective educators capable of developing well rounded and responsible learners who aspire to achieve their full potential as adult citizens in our state. We will do this by working independently and collaboratively with all stakeholders in the North Carolina education system to improve schools and to advance knowledge, policy and practice in our state.

PENC values:

  • PENC is committed to equal treatment, fairness, and respect for diversity.

  • PENC is committed to advocating for members to advance and protect their interests and promote education reform for the benefit of students.

  • PENC recognizes the need to recruit and retain quality educators who are afforded fair compensation as well as a stimulating and safe work environment.

  • PENC is committed to building a vibrant and effective professional association

  • PENC strives for excellence through continuous reflection and improvement.


“I so appreciate your response to my question and am most impressed with the rapid response your organization provided. Good customer service is a rare thing these days, so I applaud you and your team for doing what you promise and doing it so pleasantly!”


“I want to thank PENC for your support and for helping me feel that everything will work out. Your calm advice and reassurance helped me to weather my storm. In my humble opinion, as my students would say, you ROCK! Thank you more than I can express with my rather advanced vocabulary.”


“You were very instrumental in the outcome of my issue at school. I followed all of your advice. My principal sent a letter to the parent who threatened me and since then I have received a call from the mother with an apology. The dues I pay PENC are worth every penny knowing I have some support.”


Interested in joining our distinguished organization to receive top-notch member benefits?

  • Employment Support

  • Liability Insurance

  • Advocacy

  • Scholarships & Grants

  • Professional Development

  • Discounts & Deals

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