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Legislative Mini-Update 21.7.23

July 23, 2021

As reported a few weeks ago, the Senate completed their version of the state budget. Currently, the House is working at a rapid pace with a goal of having their budget complete by the middle of August. After the House completes their version of the budget, the two chambers will negotiate a conference report (final version of the budget). The final version should hopefully be ready by the first of September if we are fortunate, but it could linger into the month if negotiations become a struggle.

While we wait for the House to complete their budget, I can share that the information I am hearing is positive. I expect more money to be spent on salaries for educators, and the other two remaining items on the PENC “Big 3” (accountability and health insurance for new hires) have some chance for success as well. We will keep members posted, and you should be receiving a more comprehensive report by mid-August. Thank you and stay tuned…….

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