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Legislative Update

August 30, 2021

The House and Senate continue to negotiate the state budget using each chamber’s respective versions as a baseline. Negotiations appear to be moving slowly and though this is only a prediction, PENC does not believe we will see a compromise version until mid to late September at best. We are still encouraging legislators to hold firm on the larger of the two raises, while also fighting to preserve the health savings accounts for new hires and a temporary release from accountability due to the pandemic. We will keep you posted on progress.

Finally, it has come to our attention that educators will be forced to use sick days if they must quarantine for COVID. Since our current health and safety environment is not normal, we do not think this is fair or safe. This could put some of our new teachers in an awkward position since they have so few sick days. PENC has already made legislators aware of this problem, and we are hoping they will act.

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