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PENC Legislative Alert! 21.11.15

The final version of the state budget that has been negotiated between the North Carolina Senate and North Carolina House was released on Monday, November 15th. The legislature did not come to an agreement with Governor Cooper, but it has been indicated in other media outlets that there are enough votes to override if he vetoes. The vote will occur this week, and the governor will have ten calendar days to make his decision to sign, veto, or not sign the bill (still becomes law).

After having the opportunity to read over and absorb components of the budget the PENC plan is to provide members with our alert and follow up with narratives and opinions on the document in a full two part report that will come later in the week. For now, here are the salary components at first glance for all educators:

1) Teachers – It is being advertised that teachers are receiving a 5% across the board raise but upon closer inspection, this is not true. In reality, teachers will get a 1.3% increase across the board each year of the biennium which is a total of 2.6% of new money or salary. Legislators are counting the pay steps (awarded every 5 years) which are already law to achieve the number 5%. There is also $2,800 worth of bonuses in the bill for teachers, and finally there is $100 million appropriated to local districts to supplement teacher salaries. We will report more on the local supplement piece as we learn more about the item.

2) Principals – Receive 2.5 % each year of the biennium for a total of 5%.

3) Non-Certified – Receive a $1,500 bonus and a new minimum wage increase of $13 in year one and $15 beginning in year two.

4) Retirees – Receive a cost-of-living bonus of 2% in year one and 3% in year two of the biennium.

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