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Super Tuesday

Are you registered to vote? Have you looked at your sample ballot? Do you know where to vote? No worries—PENC has your back! Below, you will find the answers to all those questions and more. During the election year, information comes at you from so many different directions.  We get it—there’s a great deal on the line for our students, schools, educators, and communities—our nation. You feel it every day, you see it and your vote is your voice—you must use it.

In North Carolina, schools are directly impacted by those who are elected in the office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Gubernatorial, and Lt. Governor. While PENC neither endorses nor contributes to political campaigns, we do encourage every professional educator to learn as much as possible about them. PENC encourages you to consider the qualifications of each candidate carefully and make an informed decision about each candidate before casting a ballot. With that goal in mind, we are going to make it easier for you to find this information so that you can #VoteYourVoice. Visit our website and social media for answers to FAQs, voter registration lookup links, and more. We hope this information will be valuable to you as you decide which candidates to support in the primaries and the general election this year. Share your resources and knowledge with us using the hashtag #VoteYourVoice so we can share it with fellow educators!

Research. Register. > #VoteYourVoice

*Sample ballots are located in the drop-downs under voter look-up. *POLLS OPEN 6:30 AM – 7:30 PM

For weeks now, you’ve seen us posting on our social media pages and reaching out to you, reminding you of how important it is to vote in each election. During Black History Month, we’re often reminded of those who fought and died for our right to vote. As the primary elections approach on Super Tuesday, remember that those same individuals rallied for your right to vote in every election. That is why it’s so important for you to #VoteYourVoice on Super Tuesday.

If you need to register to vote, please fill out this form here.

Have you looked at your phone’s calendar for the week ahead, and it says, “Super Tuesday?” Or, you may have heard many of the candidates mention the phrase over the course of the last few months. Super Tuesday is the day when the greatest number of states hold primary elections as part of the selection process for party nominees who will face off for the November General Election. Super Tuesday is March 3rd, 2020—Primary Election Day in North Carolina. It is the largest day of voting as there is no nationally selected election day for the Primaries in the United States. Want to read more on Super Tuesday? Check out this article here.


Seven candidates are running in the primaries for State Superintendent of Public Instruction:

One thing that distinguishes PENC from other organizations is our truly nonpartisan philosophy. PENC does not spend any money on endorsing candidates or supporting party agendas. We do understand that education is highly political, and we have a lobbyist who is a voice for members at the state level. But, as we like to say at PENC, we are much more concerned about the policies of education than the politics of education. We are on a mission to make sure that you are well informed on the candidates who will impact you and your students’ lives. Therefore, it’s essential for you to #VoteYourVoice.

Reminder—early voting is happening now and ends February 29, 2020. Your child(ren) can vote in the Primary Election if they will be 18 November 3rd. You do not need an ID to vote. For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

It’s Tax Time!

We know most if not all of you take money out of your pocket to buy resources and supplies for your classroom. It’s unfortunate but true. Remember, as an educator you may qualify for tax deductions for un-reimbursed expenses (including professional development courses, supplies, books, computer equipment and supplementary materials that you use in the classroom). Talk to your tax adviser about including these in your tax return!

Join PENC is the fight for education reform. Stay up-to-date with our work for the betterment of all North Carolina students and teachers. PENC serves as an affordable and viable alternative to other professional organizations in North Carolina. And, PENC remains nonpartisan, independent and state-based, with member dues remaining in North Carolina as we work to promote quality education reform. Join us—signing up is quick and easy!

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